OMG! Yahoo Layoffs

We might as well have a computer auto-generate this old, tired, and repetitive news

Yahoo Workers Ready To Move On After Holidays, Bonus Season

As there will be widespread layoffs, as the balance, some employees are when company on their fate into the news reports out their fate of troubled Internet pioneer Yahoo hangs in the fate into the external swirl that way for a bullet? Change and no clear identity, never easy. It's hard to read the matter. The company executives are never mind strategy. But it's been that make the external swirl that goes along with it around for a jump in departures following to leave them tick get tested.

Yahoo Unloading Asian Asian Asian Assets Could Buy Time For Turnaround

Or maybe it’s hard to be running your shoulder, even if he means well.

Yahoo Layoffs: Workers Disinterested

Until now, Yahoo has been relatively mum on these employees.